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ETL News Ep22 — Gauntlet Thrown

September 10th, 2016

This Episode is Dedicated with Love to listener Jennifer Morris - PCZ in the Hizzy - The Battle to Crown the King of the Drops is Coming! - Playstation 4 Pro Announced - Vince Gilligan developing HBO Mini-Series - Alan Moore Announces Retirement from Comics - Joe Mangiello will be Deathstroke - Alien Nation Remake in the Works - Xbox Live is Faster than the Playstation Network - Fox Orders Black Lightning Pilot - Rogen/Goldberg Future Man a Go at Hulu - The Creators of Westworld already know the Ending - Anne Hathaway open to a Catwoman Spinoff - BvS Backlash made Amy Adams feel bad for Zack Snyder - Mario Runner for iPhone Announced - Mel Gibson calls BvS a PoS - Let's Read Rotten Tomatoes - The Story of Hobo Bob-o