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ETL News Ep17 — Not Unfun

July 28th, 2016 · Comments

Star Trek Beyond - Ecto Cooler - Batman: The Killing Joke earns over 3 Million - The Abyss Blu Ray Coming - Project Greenlight Cancelled - Life is Strange being adapted as a Live Action Series - Jared Leto gives props to Ledger Joker - PETA praises The Walking Dead - Doctor Strange adds Benjamin Bratt - Joss Whedon would totally make a Black Widow Movie - Brie Larson cast as Captain Marvel - Pokemon Go Plus Delayed - Video Game Releases for August - Jason Bourne Reviews - Support the Show, Become a Patron!


Tags: film · tv · pop culture · walking dead · blu ray · Video Games · News · Batman · Marvel · Pokemon Go

ETL News Ep15 — Ghost Busted

July 14th, 2016 · Comments

Ghostbusters Average on Rotten Tomatoes - Richard Roeper throws Major Shade at Ghostbusters in his Review - Harry's Thoughts - Helen Mirren won't be driving in Fast & Furious 8 - Warner Bros. Bought Positive Youtube Coverage - Pokemon Go Player catches Attempted Murderer - Pokemon Go in Film Development - Fox Network offering Live Streaming - No Man's Sky is Finally Finished! - A Community Movie will eventually Happen - Batman is Freaky in Suicide Squad - Stranger Things on Netflix - Fox Eyes new X-Men TV Show - Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York Comic Book Crossover - Lights Out? No Thank You


Tags: film · tv · pop culture · Netflix · Batman · Pokemon Go · Ghostbusters