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Entries from September 2016

ETL News Ep23 — A Fizzy Delight

September 26th, 2016 · Comments

Voicemail - Dark Tower Companion TV Series - Nathan Fillion Fine with No More Firefly - Black Panther was CG - Paramount delays Rings and Friday the 13th - Bill Hader cast in new Power Rangers Movie - FXX will Broadcast longest Simpsons Marathon Ever! - The Walking Dead will last as long as Star Trek - DC Films have room for Improvement - Jessica Jones Season 2 is Halfway Done - Corey Feldman on the Today Show - Miley Cyrus Defends Corey Feldman - Dwayne Johnson delivers Jumanji 2 News - Whataburger Versus Wonder Woman Logo - Reading Rotten Tomatoes - DVD's of the Week: Highlander 30th Anniversary Edition


Tags: film · tv · pop culture · blu ray · Stephen King · News · The Dark Tower

ETL Special — The Battle of the Drops

September 17th, 2016 · Comments

This is an end all be all battle to crown who is the NiM King of the Drops! Will it be Adam from the Bay Area or Ross from the Bay Area? This contest of champions will come down to who is the most knowledgeable in Nowhere in Mulberry/Entertainment Landfill history. Throw out the record books as two titans tussle, something has got to give!


Tags: film · tv · pop culture · Special

The Chuck Series Companion — S2Ep17 Vs the Predator

September 14th, 2016 · Comments

This Episode of the Chuck Series Companion covers Season Two Episode Seventeen of the Television Series Chuck, Chuck Versus the Predator - Watch the Episode, Listen to the Show! - Subscribe on iTunes!


Tags: tv · Netflix · Chuck · Zachary Levi · Yvonne Strahovski · Adam Baldwin · Chris Fedak · Josh Schwartz

ETL News Ep22 — Gauntlet Thrown

September 10th, 2016 · Comments

This Episode is Dedicated with Love to listener Jennifer Morris - PCZ in the Hizzy - The Battle to Crown the King of the Drops is Coming! - Playstation 4 Pro Announced - Vince Gilligan developing HBO Mini-Series - Alan Moore Announces Retirement from Comics - Joe Mangiello will be Deathstroke - Alien Nation Remake in the Works - Xbox Live is Faster than the Playstation Network - Fox Orders Black Lightning Pilot - Rogen/Goldberg Future Man a Go at Hulu - The Creators of Westworld already know the Ending - Anne Hathaway open to a Catwoman Spinoff - BvS Backlash made Amy Adams feel bad for Zack Snyder - Mario Runner for iPhone Announced - Mel Gibson calls BvS a PoS - Let's Read Rotten Tomatoes - The Story of Hobo Bob-o


Tags: film · tv · pop culture · Video Games · Xbox One · Nintendo · PS4 · Hulu

ETL News Ep21 — Pure Imagination

September 1st, 2016 · Comments

Farewell Gene Wilder - Mic Shopping - Affleck Teases Deathstroke - T2 Coming in 3D in 2017 - What Thor was up to during Civil War - Stranger Things Renewed - Barb cast in Riverdale - Alison Brie cast in G.L.O.W. Netflix Series - Natalie Portman News Story Rant - Zach Braff is Returning to TV - The Walking Dead was almost a Procedural - Coming to Netflix in September - Voicemail


Tags: film · tv · pop culture · Netflix · News · Marvel · Stranger Things